Stainless steel

But what is the stainless steel?

The stainless steel is a steel with carbon’s low contents with addition of some chrome.

It is this chrome’s addition to grant the steel its exclusive characteristics of “non oxidizability”, that is resistance to the corrosion.
The presence of the chrome in the steel allows the development on its surface of a film of chrome oxide which is tough, invisibile, adhesive, corrosion-resisting.
If it is damaged mechanically or chemically, this film recreates itself automatically, using the oxygen present in the environment. 
The resistance to the corrosion, as well as other useful properties of the stainless steel, increase with the growing of the chrome’s content and with the addition of other elements, like molybdenum, the nickel and the nitrogen.

The stainless steel AISI 316 L contains all these elements and this is the reason why it is the only material, with reasonable costs, which is able to resist also in difficult conditions of utilization without needing any kind of maintenance.

Why using the stainless steel?

The public and private furnishings, therefore also the lighting fittings, must have, as well as a reasonable purchase’s cost, a maintenance’s certainly low cost too.

In fact, if the amount to realize the intervention is available, the maintenance’s cost and the one of the fitting’s functioning can become too much onerous, after theinstallation has been carried out. In fact, if it is true that the urban and private furnishings help to improve the life’s quality and the look of a city’s square as well as that of a domestic garden, on the other hand they don’t have to load excessively upon the public Administration’ and private budget with their maintenance’s cost.

Starting from these remarks, man has to consider the use of stainless steel valid from an aesthetical point of view, surely imperishable during the years, but also always advisable and particularly indispensable in hard conditions, such as close to the sea and in the urban centers where the environmental pollution is rather weapon. 

It is necessary to take into consideration another great factor in favour of the stainless steel compared to other equipment like the aluminium, the iron or the plastic: it has got a pa  icular performance of mechanical resistance to crash as well as to the heat.

These are all peculiarities that make of it the most resistant material to the vandalic acts.  

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