Marell 22 becomes Double body, to protect components from heat

Marell 22 becomes Double body, to protect components from heat

Marell 22 is one of in-ground luminaires made by Inverlight that customers prefer. For this model, Inverlight has now studied an important innovation, which improves reliability.

Although there were few returns due to malfunctions, Inverlight wanted to solve one of the critical points of in-gound luminaires: the life of electronic and electromechanical components, which are affected by the heat.

High power and compact body dimensions are such that the heat generated by LED bulbs has got negative effects on the components, reducing their lifespan. Moreover, the installation in environments where there are high temperatures contributes to exasperate the problem.

The solution proposed by Inverlight is called “Double body”. The lamp has two separate bodies: one for the optical compartment (which contains just the bulb or the LED array/heatsink) and one for the electronic ballast.

Here you have an example that makes understand how heat can reduce the life of electronic components : electronic ballast from Tridonic used for Inverlight metal halides fittings has an average life of 55 thousand hours when the temperature does not exceed 70 ° and just 25 thousand at 80 °. So, by increasing the temperature by only 10°C, the life is reduced to less than half!

All the parts of our MARELL 22 double body are made of stainless steel AISI 316 L to
guarantee a long life even in very adverse conditions.

Inverlight has also focused on another delicate point for in-ground luminaires: waterproof. Marell 22 Double body is IP 68, very important for an in-ground fitting.

The internal temperature produced by the bulb or LED creates a strong pressure inside the body that can reach several bars and if the degree of protection is less than IP 68 is often vented to the outside. After switching off, it creates the opposite effect, with a strong internal depression and a "backwash" from outside to inside. All of this may lead to the entrance of moisture or, worse, of water that can create problems, with time, to the delicate internal components.

Finally, there are also news about the power cable, which is now more protected from humidity, in particular between the copper braid of each wire and its sheath and between the sheaths of the individual wires.

In fact, besides the use of IP68 glands, has been inserted a anti-humidity Total Dry barrier, that isolates the individual pre-cut cables with a special two-component silicone resin, to guarantee a perfect seal.

The 35 and 70 W metal halide version have reflectors 10°, 25° and 45°, with adjustable optics +/- 25° and 360° on its axis. They just use electronic power supplies, which promise a flicker-free light output and color stability, thanks to a constant power output, long life, safe disengagement in case of defective lamp, an important reduction of  time of re-ignition and automatic disengagement in case of overheating.

LED versions 1720 and 2610 lumens have reflector 10°, 17°, 35°, 73°, 15° adjustable optic and color 3000 K and 4000 K.

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